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The first step is to identify whether your child actually has lice on his head or not. Because lice are very small and move quickly in order to avoid light, it can be difficult to find a simple sight.

The signs

There are several signs to look for:

  • Continuous and constant itching on the head and / or complains about itchiness on the head.
  • Small dandruff-like particles appearing in the hair, especially along parts in the hair.
  • A note from your child’s school about a known head lice outbreak.

Immediate treatment

Children and adults who get lice should be treated immediately, but all the family members should be examined carefully. The aim is to immediately kill or remove all the lice from infected person’s head. Without treatment, head lice will continue to live in a person's head indefinitely. Immediate treatment is required!


Over the years, the lice have become resistant to many pesticides treatments. The 100% natural APSIRON products are the only effective solution against these new strains of lice. Studies in recent years suggest that up to 75% of the lice are now resistant to permethrin, and pyrethroids, the active ingredients which are currently on the market in many anti-lice products. The most important is that the treatment for head lice should be safe for your children. Unfortunately, the anti-lice products on the market today are anything but safe. The Environmental Protection Agency in 2009 classified permethrin as a "possible carcinogen to humans." The American Association lice, a nonprofit group that studies and analyzes lice issues in terms of addressing products on the market, has collected over 1,000 reports linking the use of insect repellent shampoo with seizures, behavioral problems, and leukemia. Protect their health! Eliminate lice & nits!


The removal of eggs, lice and nits that are glued to the hair is a crucial step in defeating the infection. Lice eggs are hatch up to ten days after being laid. In APSIRON we chose a unique metal combs double row that combing the infested scalp to eliminate eggs, lice and nits completely as where each row left, the second following row gets everything away. The teeth of this metal comb remain firmly in place without opening in the edge, opposite to plastic combs that are corrupted after just a few uses.


In addition, you should thoroughly clean your home and any items that may have been exposed to lice. This includes the following:

  • Machine wash linens, hats, coats, scarves, and other stuffed animals then dry them using high temperature or expose to sunlight.
  • Items that are not washable should be cleaned by dry cleaning or placed in a plastic bag and stored for two weeks (any lice would die during that period).
  • Clean combs and brushes in very hot water.
  • Clean up room and child play areas including carpets and furniture.

Lice are parasites and feed every day from heads so they cannot live away from it. So taking the above steps in mind will help you deal efficiently and effectively these annoying pests once and for all.

Lice repellent

Usage of prevention products that repel lice reduce potentially infested environment. Children who do not have lice there is a higher risk of infection, so prevention is automatically required in these cases.


Children and parents can protect themselves and avoid lice.

  • Avoid direct contact (head to head) with people who may have lice. Unfortunately, it is difficult to accept that someone has lice, so it is best to avoid contact with other children who may have lice.
  • Avoid sharing clothing, hats, combs or towels with others who may have been infected with lice. It is especially common in nurseries, schools, sporting activities or camps.
  • Avoid sharing beds, blankets, pillows, sofas and furniture in general that may have contacted people infected with these parasites.