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What are head lice


Head lice are small insects that live on the human scalp and feed on human blood several times a day. They are usually transmitted by direct personal contact and clothes exchange. They are almost invisible, having a length of 3-4 millimeters and they are brown, brownish, greyish or black in color.

They attach themselves


to the scalp with an adhesive chitin in order to suck the blood in order to live and lay their eggs mainly on the back of the head, neck and behind the ears.



are not harmful; lice on the other hand secrete a substance that inhibits blood clotting, thereby causing severe itching or allergic reactions.

They  live on average 40 days.


During the life of each female louse lay about 300 eggs, called nits. Nits, in turn, hatch on skin for about 8-10 days until "adulthood" for other 10-12 days.

Treatment is necessary


because lice never leave alone the head where they have installed, because there find shelter, food, warmth and moisture.